Where to Find Us and Our Products

You can find our products in the following locations:

Waupaca Summer Market ( Saturdays -Outdoors at the corner of Main and Fulton)

Waupaca Winter Farm Market (Occasional Saturdays- Indoors in the lobby of the library city hall)

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point CPS cafe


The Nutrition Center

The Green Fountain Inn

Central Rivers Farmshed

We are also looking to develop as many wholesale accounts as we can manage.  Being part of the Waupaca and King communities are very important to us, and we hope to concentrate our service to those markets.  Please contact us if you are a local business and are looking to support our local food system with a regular account.

Of course, you may come to the farm to make your purchases, just please let us know that you are coming so that we are here to help you.  Call us at 715.281.0812, or 715.281.0813, or email us at brigid@gravelroadfarm.com, or ross@gravelroadfarm.com

2 thoughts on “Where to Find Us and Our Products

  1. Do you have, or know of a source of local (Fremont area) bee pollen? My son was told using it would help his allergies.

    • Hello Sandy, I don’t have bee pollen right now, I am letting my bees collect and store their pollen for the winter. It is a great source of protein for them during the cold months. I would like to recommend you contact Wayne at Honey Bee Ware in Greenville, and he can connect you with a source of local pollen. Also I think the Waupaca Bee Keepers Association is a great place to seek out local honey, pollen and other bee products. Our honey is raw, unfiltered, wildflower honey, that the bees collect all year long, and contains minute amounts of pollen. I have a very small amount of it to sell, $20/quart.

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