Our Farming Methods

We are always open with our customers about all our practices on the farm. This year,  2014, we have begun the paperwork to earn our Organic Certification.  We invite you to send us an email or talk to us in person and visit our farm so you can see for yourself how we are treating the land and growing the food. We are committed to using the best practices for a healthy environment and healthy food. We are growing our own food on this farm too, so there is nothing we offer that we wouldn’t eat or feed to our children. We are happy to explain about how we are producing any particular item on our farm. If you have questions, just ask.

We always choose organic seed whenever possible. Sometimes the specific variety we want is not available as organic, so we have found that in those cases, we choose to buy non-organic seeds. In addition, sometimes the organic option is so cost prohibitive, we can’t justify raising our food prices to match the organic seed price.

We continue to depend on healthy soils, crop rotation, and trap crops or companion planting to keep the need for pesticides to an absolute minimum. There are a few particularly challenging critters that may put us in a position of either spraying or abandoning the crop. In those cases we would likely opt to spray, but always with a product allowable under organic protocols. We do keep bees on the farm and will always be mindful of any potential impact of spraying on the local insect population.

Herbicides will never be used in our fields. All of our weed control is done manually or mechanically.  Cover crops are mowed and/or plowed to incorporate them into the soil, never spray-killed.

We do not use petro-chemical derived fertilizers. Soils will be improved by cover cropping and composting with a focus on long-term health and fertility rather than just annual fertilizer applications to get a single crop out. Soil amendments will be applied judiciously, as needed to balance the soil for the needs of the crop. Again, we will limit ourselves to using products approved for organic use.

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