Our Farm Story

Our farm is our life.  Everything is connected here.  Like most farmers, we live where we work, and we work where we live.  We are completely in love with our life, and wouldn’t change it for anything. As time goes on we are able to learn more and do more and create more of what we want in our business and therefore in our lives.  Right now in the first few years of our farm, our children our young and are able to enjoy the fun parts of farm life, animals, the outdoors, and having two parents around all the time.  But, we are always trying to encourage them to be involved in helping with all aspects of the farm that they are able. They add a lot of work to our life and farm here, and things don’t always work out for everyone, but we know teaching them about the farm life is the most important part of making them ready for the world. I hope you have found what you are looking for when you visited this website today.  And thank you for supporting our efforts to earn a living from our rural life.

We look forward to sharing all the most interesting trials, and the most mundane challenges.  If you haven’t already found our story, you can start here with our first blog post from 2012. Then go from there and see if you can get a sense of our life here on Gravel Road. As our business grows, so will this website, so please feel free to come back often to hear our latest news.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

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Sincerely, Brigid and Ross Ferkett


2 thoughts on “Our Farm Story

  1. What a lovely place! I hope to come and visit sometime. Kudos to you, Brigid and family, for following your dream.

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