The Short Version

We are moving to Waupaca, Wisconsin to start a farm on 40 acres that Brigid’s family has owned for about 40 years.  We don’t know where we will be living, yet.  We are about to put our Pittsburgh house on the market.  That is the short version.  Stay tuned for the long version, you are going to love it.  And we are going to need all the support we can get.

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2 thoughts on “The Short Version

  1. I love that you will be blogging your adventure for us! I had *meant to do that when we moved to the farm, and well, I didn’t lol, but I look forward to following your families adventures and will be rooting you on! I think you are following a dream and that totally gives me goosebumps for you!

    • Thank You Mary Beth, I just hope that I can keep up the momentum. I think I will have just as much fun sharing the story, as you will have reading it.

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